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3 stocks to sell because of Amazon

jeff-bezos-devilYou probably know already that Amazon is coming to Australia

That’s no secret

And I don’t need to tell you that will present an opportunity for you to set up an online business on Amazon and join the 70,000 other people that currently make over $130,000 a year on Amazon

Plus you already know that I’m the best person to show you how to start and build said cashola creating business through my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

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Yes you know these facts already


Did you think about your super and how that could benefit?

Hmmm thought not 😉

Well my retirement hungry compadre let me show you the 3 stocks I am personally shorting through my self managed super

1. Harvey Norman

If ever a business was the definition of dinosaur it’s Harvey Norman, their website is terrible, their franchisees are being bank rolled by Gerry harvey to the tune of millions of dollars and they’re margins are just about to get eaten alive by Amazon

This stock is currently trading at $4.50

It’s going down down down baby

2. Woolworths

The increasingly competitive environment means sales and margins are likely to come under significant pressure, especially with the emergence of ALDI and the potential arrival of fellow low-cost German supermarket retailer Lidl in Australia.
Amazon has said that it’s targeting the home delivery market here in Oz with it’s Amazon Fresh offering.

This will be a major body blow for Woolies

The stock is currently $23.35

I have it tipped at $18

3. Myer

Myer as a business has a recent surge of good news but I doubt that the imminent arrival of Amazon has had anything other than a stultifying effect on the myer board

Old outdated stores

Old outdated labels

This darling of the noughts is in tail spin with more to come.

It’s one redeeming feature is the 65 department store leases it owns, which may prove valuable to an acquirer.

As for the structural soundness of the business, Amazon will eat it’s lunch

The stock is currently $1.07

I see nothing but bad news for Myer unless they get acquired

As I said the best investment you can currently make is educating yourself how to take advantage of the fact that Amazon is launching here

There will be winners and losers

I’d rather you were on the winning side

Join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and let me show you how to kick butt and carve out a slice of the $4 Billion pie that Amazon is expected to create here

Take a look at how you get your pie here


Disclaimer – I am not a FSA nor am I a stock broker, I’m a dude that makes cashola online and then invests it in other stuff, these are nothing more than educated guesses based on freely available data, so do your own research bubba

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