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1000 People Were Expected 30,000 Came

Neil AsherIn 1990 after 14 years of negotiations Russia opened it’s first McDonalds

The day of the opening it was minus 14 degrees ion Moscow,

For comparison the coldest temperature in Australia last year was minus 7 at Charlotte pass

For most Aussies anything below zero and you’ll hear expletives fill the crisp morning air.

So at best 1000 people were expected to the opening

by 6am there was a queue 1km LONG!

Beat that Apple!

all in all over 30,000 Russians braved the sub arctic temperatures, to get a taste of western culture

That’s the power of the new

It’s the same when you take an Australian product and sell it on Amazon

They go ga ga for our products

Ugg Boots


Baby Formula

The list goes on and on

Right now there’s a crazy opportunity to launch an Aussie brand in a new country


Best way to do that?


Amazon has just invested $5 Billion into India

India has the fastest growing economy in the world

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