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1 Simple Trick To 100% Open Rates

Their Are Better Ways To Get Someone's Attention Online!
There Are Better Ways To Get Someone’s Attention Online!

One of my clients wants me to build a business for him. He’s paying me big bucks to do the whole thing – research, websites, traffic, conversions and product. The whole kit and caboodle.

I’ve built a tonne of online businesses, and of course through ROARlocal, we’ve worked on a tonne more.

So I know how to make them work.


Picking the niche is the hardest part.

So I normally copy a business that’s working well in another country. In fact I’ve set up a number of distributorships for people where I become their Australian or European partner, they make a tonne more sales, and I get a tested business that needs marketing help. Win, Win.

Anyway, back to my story.

So the first thing I do is start looking for a brilliant business in the states to bring into Oz for my client.

That part is easy. The hard part is contacting the guy who owns the business; that part is WAAAAY harder!

I’ve developed a cool strategy to:

Get the attention of a V.I.P., big shot or any person surrounded by a bunch of gatekeepers.

And if you’re smart enough to adapt these secrets to your business, you’ll enjoy HUGE response rates and make a small fortune fast… And all while the exclusively online marketers are crying about declining sales from their e-mail lists.

But first, I’ll tell you a surefire way of NOT getting a V.I.P.’s attention…

Send your message by e-mail!

E-mail is the very WORST way to initially contact and communicate with a V.I.P. and will probably never get past the gatekeeper.

And it shows you’ve put very little thought and planning into your initial contact and presentation.

You see, any idiot can fire off an e-mail… and many do. There’s hardly any thought, planning or creativity required to do that.

So your worthless e-mail will be deleted unread, along with the 200 other worthless e-mails received that day.

The very BEST way to get a V.I.P.’s attention is to stop being such a cheap S.O.B and invest $12 to send your message by a cool little service called…


That’s the BEST option…

(Well, actually, there’s an even BETTER one than that… and it will be responded to IMMEDIATELY… but I don’t think you’re ready for the really high level stuff yet.)

The next “pretty good” option is Signed for mail by Royal Mail or Australia post. It doesn’t make as big an impact as a FedEx package or envelope… but it makes a helluva lot better an impact than an e-mail. And it only costs 5 bucks or so.

The next best option is a good old fashioned snail mail letter sent 1st class.

And here’s a little direct mail tip most people don’t know…

A 9×12 or 6×9 envelope makes a bigger splash, gets more attention and is more likely to be opened FIRST than a #10 envelope.

Want another jealously guarded secret of a business building master (me :D)

Use Twitter & Profit!

That’s right Twitter is awesome for reaching decision makers.


Because most decision makers have a Twitter account that they personally post on!

So if you Tweet them directly, you’ll talk to them directly. This stuff WORKS!

Like gangbusters.

The bottom line?

If what you have to tell someone is truly important and you want to get their full attention, it deserves some time, thought and a little creativity on your part.

That’s how I’ve always done it with the people most important to me… and continue to do it today.

And so should you.


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